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Admission Policy Consultation Process 2021/2022

We are currently looking ahead at our admission procedures for 2021/2022 – Please view the link below:

Admissions Policy – Consultation

The Trust needs to go through a consultation process to ensure that our admissions policy fits well for all of the schools with in the MAT and its stakeholders (both current and future).
This process has to be completed every 7 years and was last completed in 2013.

As part of this consultation, we have to fulfill a number of duties before the 31st January 2020.


In order to ensure propriety, we will be doing the following:

· Examining the trust policy, checking admission numbers for each school and finally producing a new policy

· Notify all parents (in writing) of the updated policy

· Consult with other local primary schools in regards to the PAN

· Co-ordinate with the LA and inform them of any changes to our admissions policy

· Display a copy of the proposed admissions policy on the school website


During the consultation period the Trust must evidence that all the above has been completed during the 6 weeks of consultation.


The timeline for this process is as follows:

· Update the policy – 21.11.19

· Consultation period 6 weeks(minimum of six weeks) – starts 25.11.19 ends 31.01.20

· Formal agreement to go to LA – 29.02.20

· Publish new details on the school website 13.03.20

· Send deadline copy to LA and notify key stakeholders, detailing how any objections can be made 13.03.20

· Deadline for any objections or cases to be referred to the independent adjudicator – 13.05.20

· Primary applications for school places opens 01.11.20

· Primary applications for primary places closes 15.01.21


If you would like to make any comments regarding this policy or the consultation process, please contact Mr Lane no later than 31.01.2020.