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Wrap Around Care 8am – 5pm

Welcome to Lark Hall Wrap Around

At Lark Hall we provide Wrap Around Care for children from 8am to 5pm.  The Wrap Around Care is open to all school ages from Pre-School to Year 2.  The Wrap Around Care runs in 3 parts which are 8-9am Breakfast Club Provision, 9-3pm Early Years Provision and 3-5pm Whole School Provision.


The Breakfast Club Provision  8am – 9am. 

The cost of this club is £4.00 which includes a breakfast.  Breakfast Club Provision runs Monday to Friday, term time only.  Children are supervised by Miss Jayne Amiss and Mrs Dawn Weekes.  Please see additional tab for more information.


Early Years Provision  9am – 3pm. 

Early Years Provision is for children who require more than their additional 15 free hours or for children in the term which they turn 3 (Rising 3’s) and are not eligible for the Think 2 funding or 30 hour funding.

The cost of Early Years Provision is £4.00 an hour.  An additional cost for a school dinner which is currently £2.35, is paid if your child stays for the 12 – 1pm slot.  Miss Jayne Amiss will be the key person for Early Years Provision.   This will take place in the large double open plan classrooms with a purpose built outdoor area.

Lark Hall’s EYFS Teacher will be overseeing all of the Wrap Around Care and Early Years Education.  The Early Years Provision will run alongside and compliment the Nursery and Pre-School Education following and meeting the Early Years Curriculum.  As a parent you should not see any difference between Early Years Provision and Pre-School/Nursery Education.


Whole school Provision  3pm  –  5pm

Between 3pm-5pm the Whole School Provision will continue to meet the needs of  Early Years and Key Stage One children through a variety of extra curriculum activities.  This will be run by fully qualified teacher assistants.


Booking and Payment

If you are registering a new child to Lark Hall then please phone 01827 215 333 as we will require you to complete additional paperwork which needs to be completed two weeks before your child’s expected start date.  Booking can be completed in advance by filling in a Booking Form and returning it to the school office.  We will require 2 weeks notice of any changes to your booking. You may also incur a late booking fee for altering hours or making extra bookings within the two week period.

Payment must be advance using our ParentPay system. Non-payment may result in your child losing their place.


Additional Forms:


Wrap Around Care Contract Of Agreement – September 2018

Wrap Around Care Terms & Conditions – September 2018

Wrap Around Care Costings – September 2018

Early Years Pupil Premium Registration Form


We hope you find all the information you need here, however, if you wish to contact us our details are office@larkhall.staffs.sch.uk  or 01827 215 333.